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About Framingham
Did You Know?Framingham Town Hall
Framingham, the hub of a multi-town region known as MetroWest, offers a unique blend of urban, suburban, and rural qualities. Here are some other facts about Framingham:
  • Founded in 1700
  • Location: 20 miles west of downtown Boston
  • 2010 Census Population: 68,318  
  • Form of Government: Representative Town Meeting
  • Framingham contains three nationally registered historic districts and two local historic districts
  • The town has almost 300 historic homes
  • The Town is widely recognized for The Framingham Heart Study; in 1948, the community embarked on an ambitious project in health research to identify the common factors that contribute to cardiovascular disease by following its development over a long period of time in a large group of participants

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Culture & Entertainment
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Both shopping locations are located along the Route 9 retail corridor and adjacent to the recently renovated Natick Collection.

Framingham boasts numerous state and local parks, including six major ponds, three local beaches, and two golf courses. In addition, ski slopes and ocean beaches are just an hour away from Framingham's centralized location. 
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