Made In Framingham

A Sample of Products Made in Framingham

genzyme logo
image of small sealed medical bottles - glass with blue foil caps


was founded in 1981 in Boston, MA to pioneer the development and delivery of transformative therapies and has been an international leading biotech company for over 30 years. Genzymes manufacturing of products for the treatment of rare genetic diseases is one of Framingham’s proudest accomplishments. The company focuses strongly on rare genetic diseases such as multiple sclerosis and thyroid cancer. They pride themselves on their path to treatment which involves: internal discoveries then developing external discoveries while maximizing existing products. On March 21 2014, Genzyme announced that Brazil’s National Health Surveillance Agency, ANVISA, declared that “Lemtrada” has been approved for the treatment of relapsing patients suffering from multiple sclerosis to slow or reverse the accumulation of physical disability and reduce the frequency of clinical exacerbations.
image of a 2-story brick manufacturing building
close up image of metal tubes

Howard Clock Products

has been manufacturing clocks and screw machine products in Framingham since 1986. They were established in 1842 by Edward Howard in Roxbury, MA for the purpose of constructing clocks and gold-weighing scales. He became internationally renowned for developing the first mass production of stem-wound watches and other precision instruments. His products were used by the new railroad system to safely put trains on schedule as well. The Howard Clock Companys astronomical measuring device was used in the Michelson-Morley experiments to determine the speed of light, which won the Nobel Prize! When bought by Steve Abrams in 1986, the company changed its name to Howard Precision Products and modernized. Now they work with clients in the medical, dental and precision-tool industry.
image of the 3 Hendler brothers, owners of Jack's Abbey with matching t-shirts and holding beers
jack's abbey logo
cans and bottles lined up from Jack's Abbey brewery

Jack’s Abby

is a brewery established in Framingham in 2011 by the Hendler Brothers that has become a popular social hub throughout Metrowest. The staff at Jacks Abby pride themselves on their combination of German brewing and American crafting to manufacture original, delicious beers. Their tasting halls are ideal for hosting events and with their constant new specials and flavors; there is a variety of beverages to choose from! Jacks Abby serves various distributors throughout Massachusetts. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook:

Red Rover Clothing

is made and sold in a refurbished historic home on Vernon Street in the Centre Common Historic District.  Founded in 1993, this unique clothing company specializes in outerwear, accessories and blankets in washable fleeces and rainwear fabrics.

Red Rover Clothing - Vernon Street Showroom1 Red Rover Clothing - storerroom

MetroWest Daily News Logo
image of glasses on top of a rolled newspaper
Gatehouse Media is the New York based corporation that print and publish the

MetroWest Daily News

for Framingham and the surrounding MetroWest municipalities. The papers are manufactured and published in each locality for a personal touch. Gatehouse Media is the largest newspaper distributor in Massachusetts serving local communities since 1997. The MetroWest Daily News has served Framingham residents for over 20 years.
hand made wooden door with a rounded top and metal-grated window in a stone wall
home library with hand made wooden shelving and matching wood floors
image of a hand made wooden table in a sunny breakfast room with an orange tile floor and flowers

Innovative Woodworking

is a local manufacturing/refinishing company who has been serving the Boston area since 1990. They have shipped to several national locations including Atlanta, Georgia and Denver, Colorado and produce for both residential and commercial use. The woodwork is completed by one craftsman from design to installation. Portfolios and photo galleries of completed kitchens, millwork, furniture and cabinetry are available on their website.
image of transistors
image of Jack's Abbey brewing operation - a room full of tanks and pipes

Bridge 12 Technologies

are electron tube manufacturers who have been operating out of Framingham since 2009. They primarily manufacture terahertz technology for magnetic resonance and THz components for a variety of uses including medicine, security, defense and science. They are dedicated to “bridging the Terahertz Gap” which is how the company devised its name. In April 2011, Bridge 12 Technologies entered into an agreement with Agilent to collaborate on technology for dynamic nuclear polarization enhanced nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. This collaboration will provide gyrotrons to accelerate NMR experiments that usually require weeks, to take place in minutes.
image of ICL graphics in a lobby - colorful 5' banners line the entry of a dark brick lobby
ICL logo
colorful image of hands holding a graphic layout surrounded by color swatches

ICL Imaging

has been a nationally recognized leader in format printing graphics for over 50 years. Manufacturing out of Framingham since 1956, the company began as “industrial color laboratory” in a basement on Proctor Street under Elliot Korklan. Local photographers began coming to Korklan to develop their prints because not only was he efficient, but prompt. Demand for his products increased steadily throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s. In 1986, Korklan retired and sold the company to Larry Capodilupo. Under Larry, ICL began specializing in images requiring mounting to substrates and larger images for exhibits and booths. The company also began printing on Masonite, gatorfoam, foamcore and Plexiglas. By 1988, it was obvious the company needed to expand. SO, Capodilupo moved the company to a new 8,800 square foot facility. Today, the company occupies 35,000 square feet of space and prints on 52 types of material up to 16 feet wide. The company is now run by Mr. Capodilupo’s son, Larry Capodilupo III.
hogan brothers coffee roasters owners
image of hogan brothers coffee bags - three bags in three different colors in a row
picture of roasted coffee beans spilling out of a burlap sack

Hogan Brothers Micro Roasted Coffee

was established in 1996by brothers Jim and Jay Hogan. This local business started in a small café where potential customers were encouraged to select beans, roast profiles and blends to suit their own individual tastes. Thus began the company’s deep roots in customer service and satisfaction. Metrowest Daily News says “Hogan brothers Coffee is taking the growing awareness of gourmet coffee and adding a service component that has created wildly loyal customers." Their coffee types come from all corners of the globe; from their own traditional brand, to fair trade certified organic coffees, to SWP Decafs and proprietary brands. They pride themselves on their contribution to the universal human rights and environmental protection movements and partnering with companies who share their passion, integrity and commitment.
4 Seasons logo
image of t-shirts, hats, and polo shirts with custom embroidery and logos
images of custom stitching machines for apparel embroidery

Four Seasons Embroidery

and screen printing has been producing clothing products out of Framingham since 1989. They will screen print or embroider your company, team, or organization’s logo on hats, sweatshirts, shirts, blankets and sweatpants. At four seasons, they pride themselves on quality local craftsmanship and accuracy. They also specify in logo digitizing and promotional products. At their location on Nicholas road, there is a showroom to display the most up-to-date styles and colors. Customers range from Marian high school to Framingham state university to Natick high school.
image of pressure gauges
Collage of old metal measuring tools
image of an antique machine
B.C Ames started as a small machine shop in Waltham in 1896 has today grown into a leading manufacturer of precision instruments used worldwide! Founder Bliss Charles Ames developed the first “Dial Gage Heads” in 1907 while providing a foundation for today’s modern gaging systems. Ames gages are used for a variety of scientific, industrial and medical uses and their products are available in English and equivalent Metric models. They’re website provides an extensive online inventory of dial/digital micrometers, air gages, comparators, etc.
elevation brands logo
Ians Friendly Foods for Life Logo

Elevation Brands

are a company that supports mission-driven food brands to provide healthy, natural alternatives for families that also are kind to the environment; the two main food providers that elevation brands work with are “Blue Horizon Wild” and ‘Ian’s.” Blue Horizon catches only fresh North American fish straight from the sea, in a way that will not endanger future fish populations. Ian’s provide allergy-friendly, all natural foods that do not contain artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives and lack antibiotics, hormones and refined sugars. Purchasing elevation Brand products are a small contribution that you can make that will have a huge impact on the environment as well as the health of you and your family!